Welcome to Prismacraft!

We are a survival towny server with rpg elements. We are a friendly, community-focused server; perfect for long-time Minecraft players that are looking for a place to chill, build, and grind.

Custom enchantments are a large focus of our server! Unlike most other servers, these can be obtained through normal Minecraft mechanics!

There are many custom crafting recipes for custom items!

Craft Talismans to level up your productivity and become extra powerful!

Take on super-powered mobs in arenas to grab valuable crafting materials!

Level up skills in game to improve your stats and unlock effects!


We have 20 custom-made jobs! The more you level up the more money you make!

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We use towny for land claiming and grief prevention!

Use our server shop for the most basic of materials, but Player Warps and the Auction House are where you'll do most of your shopping!

PVP is toggleable in towns but we also have server PVP arenas!


Rankup with the money you earn from jobs to unlock more command and perks! Such as backpacks, kits, and extra homes!

Tons of rewards to get in game along with fishing events, Clue Scrolls and even Cosmetics!

Different worlds are accessible to players, from the towny world to monthly resource worlds for those that love to grind!