All mutes, warnings, temp-bans and/or perma-bans issued are done so at the discretion of the staff member that issued the punishment. If you are unhappy with a punishment issued please open up a ticket in the discord with as much information as possible for Admin to investigate. 

1. Act Respectfully

a. No controversial topics in global chat

i. Keep these to Nation chat, Town chat, Party chat, or DMs

b. Respect other players' boundaries

c. Do not make false reports/statements

i. When staff investigate issues, do not lie to them

d. No harassment, discrimination, or bullying

i. This server is friendly to everyone, propagation of hateful ideologies won't be tolerated

ii. This includes repeatedly attempting to contact someone who doesn't want to contact you

2. Voice & Text Chat Rules

a. Do not use hateful language or slurs

b. Intentionally misgendering someone is not allowed

c. No external links (keep it in town/nation/private chat)

d. No spamming

e. Do not share or threaten to share the personal information of others

f. This server adheres to US federal age of consent laws to inform our policies about conduct between adult players

i. Over 18: Do not engage in explicit jokes or other explicit interactions with or about minors in-game, on discord, or otherwise.

ii. Under 18: Do not engage in explicit jokes or other explicit interactions with or about adults in-game, on discord, or otherwise.

g. Keep general chat in English. You may speak whatever language you prefer in town, nation, or private chats.

3. Griefing and Building

a. Do not grief/raid claimed or unclaimed bases

b. No overly explicit builds

i. Hate symbols, genitalia, ect.

c. No lag machines, intended or unintended - these are subject to removal

4. PVP

a. No player trapping in any form

b. PVP areas should be clearly marked inside towns

c. All PVP should be consensual (barring marked areas)

d. If the PVP you engage in has specific rules (iron armor only, for example), you are expected to respect those rules

5. Cheating/Hacking

a. Do not use any mod or client that might give you an unfair advantage.
(minimaps are fine, visual mods are fine, performance mods are fine, qol mods are fine for the most part, and anything else just ask)

b. No macros (a macro defined as an automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions)

i. physical modifications such as taping down your mouse button are also included in this rule

c. No duping or exploiting

i. No duping includes TNT, rails, and carpets

6. Economy

a. No scamming

i. Including breaking the terms of agreements made between players

b. Approved mods like litematica are not permitted to be used in the pursuit of money-making. (ex. Building a massive pointless structure in order to grind the builder job)

c. You may not do anything that prevents the AFK timer from kicking you

i. AFK pools or any other in-game device to prevent you from being marked as afk/being afk kicked are not allowed

d. Skills are meant to be something you actively participate in

i. You may not AFK grind skill xp

e. The MapArt world is exclusively for map arts

7. Accounts

a. You may have no more than 3 accounts per IP (exceptions made for families and larger groups of friends). Using a VPN to bypass this limit is not allowed

b. Alternate accounts cannot have jobs

c. All actions done by someone on your account are your responsibility - this means that "my brother was on my account" is not a valid excuse

d. Do not use alternate accounts to gain extra boss hearts, participate in lotteries, or otherwise recieve in-game rewards for activities

c. Legendary Keys can only be opened using your main account. You cannot gain Legendary Shards on your alt

8. Towny Rules

a. Town staff are allowed to kick players that violate their town rules or server rules

b. Town staff may kick inactive players

c. Once players are kicked from towns, they must be given at least 7 days notice to move their belongings. After this period has passed, what remains of their property may be repossessed by the town

d. Town staff may not take items or destroy builds without the creator/owner's permission if they are still a member of the town

e. Camping outside someone else's town with the purpose of being a nuisance is not allowed

f. If a town has become inactive (reaching a town balance of -50,000) it may be given to another player or merged with an active town if they request

9. Community

a. Do not impersonate staff or other players

b. Be mindful of the age of other players, though the majority of PrismaCraft players are legal adults it is a public server and you should keep in mind that the people you interact with may be minors. Refer to rule 2f

c. Appeal all bans on the discord server by creating a ticket in the tickets channel, appeals sent via DMs will be ignored, if you are also banned from the discord you may not appeal and your ban is final.

d. Having multiple community complaints made against you can be grounds for a ban

e. Pushing the limits of the rules can be grounds for a ban, no rule lawyering 

10. No exploiting other peoples' efforts without permission

a. Do not trade with other player's villagers without permission

b. Do not set homes in other player's bases/farms/grinders/ect. without permission

c. Do not use other player's farms/grinders/ect. without permission