1. Act respectfully.

  • No controversial topics in global chat

  • Do not lie or make false reports/statements

  • No harassment, discrimination, or bullying

  • No spamming

  • Do not share or threaten to share the personal information of others

2. Griefing and Building

  • Do not grief/raid claimed or unclaimed bases

  • No overly explicit builds

  • No lag machines, intended or unintended - these are subject to removal

3. PVP

  • No player trapping in any form

  • PVP areas should be clearly marked inside towns

4. Cheating/Hacking

  • Do not use any mod that might give you an unfair advantage, if you are not sure just ask

  • No macros

  • No duping or exploiting

5. Economy

  • No scamming

  • Approved mods like litematica are not permitted to be used in the pursuit of money making, they should only be used for builds and map arts.

  • The MapArt world is exclusively for map arts

6. Accounts

  • You may have no more than 3 accounts per ip (exceptions made for families and larger groups) Using a VPN to bypass this limit is not allowed

  • All actions done by someone on your account are your responsibility - this means that "my brother was on my account" is not a valid excuse

  • Do not use Alternate accounts to gain extra boss hearts

7. Towny Rules

  • Town staff is allowed to kick players that violate their town rules or server rules

  • Town staff may kick inactive players

  • Town staff may not take items or destroy builds without the creator/owner's permission

  • Camping outside someone else's town is not allowed

  • PVP areas should be clearly marked within a town

8. Community

  • Do not impersonate staff or other players

  • Appeal all bans on the server discord in the tickets channel

  • Having multiple community complaints made against you can be grounds for a ban

  • Pushing the limits of any of these rules can be grounds for a ban

9. No exploiting other peoples' efforts without permission

  • Trading with other player's villagers without explicit permission

  • Setting homes in other player's bases/farms/grinders/etc without permission

  • Using other player's farms/grinders/etc without permission

  • And any other exploitation without permission