Black Market

The Black Market is a trading hub filled with NPCs to help players obtain and swap in-game items more easily! You can visit the Black Market by doing ./bm or ./blackmarket in game!

Custom Currency

Market tokens can be used to trade for and convert items, and may be obtained from The Token Exchange, a market stall with NPCs who will buy your extra items from you in exchange for tokens! The tokens appear as enchanted sunflowers in your inventory!

Market Vendors

Around the Black Market are NPCs who will trade you items and market tokens for other vanilla and custom items! Each vendor has a cute little area to easily display what kinds of items they're selling!

Black Market Update March 2023

As of March 2023, the Black Market received a major revamp, new location, and new trades. Below is a list of the trades which are now crafting recipes, as well as a few new ones! These can be found in your vanilla crafting recipe book with the check mark at the top changed to "showing all"