Custom Furniture

Prismacraft allows players to craft over 300 custom furniture items, as well as gain special furniture from the furniture crate! Just like all other custom crafting recipes,  furniture can be found in your in-game recipe book, just click into a crafting table, and click on the little green book to toggle the side menu. Then you can search for and easily find what you're looking for!

Furniture crate keys can be obtained from the Rare crate, with a 4.75% chance per key as of March 2023. 

Furniture Crate Items

Of the 27 items in the furniture crate, you can win:

Craftable Furniture


Each variety of wood in vanilla minecraft has a corresponding bookshelf variant, crafted using 3 planks, and 3 logs.  

Empty birch bookshelf

Empty warped bookshelf

After crafting your empty bookshelf, use books to craft 1 of 8 different arrangements of books on your shelves! If you change your mind, you can toss your bookshelf back into your crafting grid and it will return your empty bookshelf!

Adding books to the crafting grid from the top left corner in a clockwise direction, with an empty shelf in the middle, will increase the number of books your bookshelf appears to have on it!


Just like the bookshelves, each variety of wood has a corresponding chair. Additionally, you can pick a color of wool for the seat! You'll need 5 planks and 2 pieces of wool.  Players can also sit in the chairs by right clicking on them!

Yellow Jungle Chair

Black Crimson Chair


Although the barstools can only be obtained via the furniture crate, once you have one, you can dye it whatever color you want! The barstools can also be sat on!


Candlesticks can be crafted using 4 of any mineral, and 3 of any color candle.
Your mineral of choice can be copper, iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or amethyst!

Iron Black Candle Stick

Light Gray Amethyst Candle Stick


Mailboxes can be crafted using 3 white concrete and a chest! After crafting, you can put it back in your crafting grid with any color of dye to create a colorful mailbox! The mailboxes have an extra large GUI so that your friends can leave you plenty of letters! For best results, place the mailbox on a fence post. 

36 slots ready for letters and items!