McMMO adds RPG-like elements to the game complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics, and a more in-depth PvP!

McMMO allows you to level up a variety of skills, no need to open any menus or join anything (unlike jobs) all skills are tracked from the moment you join the server!

General commands for McMMO are: /mcrank shows one players ranks /mctop to see the overall leader board in the server and /(skill name) shows stats for that specific skill.

You can also set up parties for McMMO with your friends! This allows you to apply a party share range, which allows a bonus xp to all within that range. The more players in the party, the higher the bonus xp! Do /partyhelp in-game to find out more about the commands needed to set one up

Below we have all of the available MCMMO skills that can be obtained while playing online so just click on any that you want a bit more information on to give you an idea of what to expect with that skill!



Manufacturing and misc.


  • Earn XP from mining stones and ores!

  • Super Breaker- Short burst of strong haste effect (unlocks at lvl 50 - right click to activate)

  • Double Drops- Increased drops from mining related blocks, increases as you level up

*Quick tip - collect all the ores that you can find while mining, including coal!*


  • Earn xp by fighting any mobs with swords!

  • Serrated Strikes - Cause a bleed effect to the enemy. Time activated is limited depending on level (right-click to activate)

  • Rupture - Causes enemies to take damage every two seconds

  • Counterattack - Return half the damage received by your enemy!

*Quick tip - counterattack ignores armor and is great against ranged weapons!*


  • Earn xp from using an anvil to repair tools and armor!

  • Arcane Forging - A chance to keep enchantments on items when repairing them, improved by leveling up

  • Repair Mastery - Increases the repair amount

  • Super Repair - Chance to repair with double effectiveness

*Quick tip - Be careful repairing enchanted items! They can lose their enchantment or drop the enchantment level on the item!*


  • Earn xp from chopping down trees and giant mushrooms!

  • Tree Feller - makes trees explode! (unlocks at lvl. 5 - right-click to activate)

  • Leaf Blower - Insta-break leaf blocks (unlocks at lvl. 15)

  • Double Drops- Increased drops from chopping trees and mushrooms. Increases as you level up

*Quick tip - create mushroom trees by using bone meal on mushrooms on mycelium!*


  • Earn xp from using an axe as your weapon against mobs!

  • Skull Splitter - Adds an area of attack effect damaging nearby enemies (right-click to activate)

  • Critical Strike - Double the amount of damage you deal!

  • Axe Mastery - Inflict more damage depending on level

  • Armor Impact - Increase the amount of damage done to armor.

  • Greater Impact - Adds a knockback effect and extra damage to mobs!

*Quick tip - save inventory space by maxing up your axe for both woodcutting and fighting - two abilities with one weapon!!*


  • Earn xp by taking fall damage and surviving or successfully dodging attacks!

  • Roll - Gives a chance to negate fall damage depending on level

  • Dodge - Gives a chance of reducing incoming damage by half!

*Quick tip - Any fall damage taken when using an ender pearl does not count towards acrobatics and provides no xp*


  • Earn xp from harvesting plants and crops!

  • Green Terra - Provides triple drops and auto replant until worn off. (Right-click to activate)

  • Double drops - Increased drops when harvesting, which increases as you level up!

*Quick tip - for wheat/potato/carrot and beets you only one water block for each 9x9 area!*


  • Earn xp by dealing damage to mobs and players with bows and arrows!

  • Skill Shot - More force and hit chance dependant on level.

  • Daze - Chance to daze another player when hit (doesnt work on mobs)

  • Retrieve - Chance to retrieve arrows fired increased as levels increase

*Quick tip - Shooting an enderman with a bow and arrow will just make it teleport away*


  • Earn xp by brewing potions!

  • Catalysis - Ingredients take less time to brew into potions dependent on level

  • Concoctions - Can unlock new recipes at different levels

*Quick tip - using gunpowder on all potions turns them into splash potions, so great for extra xp after potions are made!*


  • Earn xp from digging any soil, sand or gravel!

  • Giga Drill Breaker - Short Insta block-breaker. Time activated is limited by level (right-click to activate)

  • Treasure Hunter - Random chance to dig up extra loot and xp!

*Quick tip - random treasure you can dig up ranges from slimeballs, glowstone dust, eggs and even cakes!*


  • Earn xp by not using a weapon, but instead using your hand to inflict damage!

  • Berserker - Do 50% more damage when activated. Time activated is limited, depending on level (right click to activate)

  • Iron Arm Style - Add extra damage to your normal damage with fists.

  • Arrow deflect - Chance to deflect an incoming arrow.

  • Disarm - Chance to make your opponent drop their weapon in their held hand.

  • Iron Grip - Increases defense against disarm being used on you.

*Quick tip - If you left-click stone bricks with berserker active you will make cracked stone bricks*


  • Earn xp by reclaiming materials from tools and armor using a gold block!

  • This Skill is unlocked at repair level 25

  • Arcane Salvage - The chance to gain enchantments back in a book when salvaging enchanted tools or armor

  • Advanced Salvage - Allows salvaging of damaged items with a higher yield, dependent on level

*Quick tip - if you have a tool with an enchant you will want, keep until your salvage is high enough to get the book back from the salvage!*


  • Earn xp from fishing with a rod at any open body of water!

  • Treasure Hunter - Chance to fish up random loot!

  • Magic Hunter - Allows the chance for tools or armor fished up to be enchanted!

  • Fishermans Diet - Increases the amount of hunger restored by fished up food depending on level!

*Quick tip - Magic hunter items can have combinations that are not obtainable by enchanting, like silk touch and fortune together on one item!*


  • Earn xp from taming animals such as wolves, cats and horses!

  • Call of the wild: Summon an animal with 10 bones/fish/apples (left click while sneaking to activate)

  • Wolves have multiple level up perks, but these are not controlled by the player and are instead activated by the wolf/wolves over time

*Quick tip - wolves work best in packs. But did you know you can also use your potions on them?*


  • Earn xp by smelting ores in a furnace/blast furnace

  • Fuel Efficiency - Increased burn time for fuel dependent on level

  • Second Smelt - Chance to double item being smelt

*Quick tip - A blast furnace is much quicker for smelting ores and you can use a lava bucket as fuel!*