Quick Facts:

You can also PVP in the Towny World in towns that toggle their PVP on! However, be wary as dying in the Towny World can result in the loss of your items.

While in the PVP arenas dying will not cause you to lose any of your items but your armor and weapons will still take durability damage so be careful and bring plenty of experience bottles to repair your armor if you don't want to lose it!


/PVP will take you to this warp here! Simply walk down the path and chat with the warrior or head straight into one of the portals!

The portal labeled Duel will take you to the smallest of the pvp arenas. Perfect for a 1v1 duel!

The Portal labeled Cave will take you to a small arena that has some elevation changed, perfect for more skillful 1 on 1 fights!

The portal labeled Forest will take you to a wooded arena with lots of jumps and tricky ways to out-maneuver your opponent!

The portal labeled Arena will take you to a larger gladiatorial arena. It is the second largest and very open, good for larger scale combat!

The portal labeled Village will take you to the largest arena. Modeled after a destroyed village this pvp arena is perfect for large scale combat with multiple people. There and plenty of places to hide and run away for your opponents!