Fishing works the same as vanilla, but when you catch a fish you’ll catch a custom fish *as well as* the normal fishing loot.

Pyrofishing has its own fishing skill, separate from the fisherman job and the EcoSkills fishing skill. This can be accessed using [/fish stats] or going to [/fish menu] and selecting the player head.


The higher your pyrofishing skill, the more augments you can craft and apply to your fishing rod! You can also go to [/fish skills] and use skill points to do things like decrease the amount of materials needed for augments, or reduce your totem cooldown!


Augments are similar to custom enchants you can apply to your fishing rod in order to increase stats like the chance to catch high-tier fish, or the amount of entropy per catch. Augments can be crafted by going to [/fish augments] and obtaining the necessary ingredients by doing things such as completing deliveries. After obtaining all items needed, drop them into a cauldron and right-click with your fishing rod. The augment should appear in your inventory and can be applied using [/fish augment]


There are 6 different tiers of fish that can be caught, ranging from bronze to mythical. The higher the tier, the harder the fish is to catch, and mythical fish are used in later game upgrades. You can also obtain bronze and silver fish from killing cod and salmon.

Using [/fish codex] tells you which fish can be caught and in which biomes. The Prismacraft staff and some senior players have established a series of fishing warps which allow you to easily find all of the biomes you may need to fish in!

If you head to /pw OceanFishing you can see this player made list of some of the available locations with their respective biomes!!


Fishing deliveries are similar to quests, you have to “turn in” fish for an order, and you get rewards in return. These can be things like entropy, crab scales, dolphin tails, etc. There are 3 levels of deliveries. 3 star deliveries include more fish and higher level fish, but also include better rewards. Upon starting fishing, you must catch 75 custom fish to unlock your first delivery, but upgrades in the delivery menu using entropy allow you to decrease this number.


The fishing totem is a physical item built out of blocks that improves stats such as catch time and luck of the sea for any player within the totem radius while it is active. The stats can be upgraded, chosen, and applied using entropy and mythical fish.

If you don’t want to use pyrofishing, you can simply do [/fish shop] and then sell the fish you catch! You put the fish in the shop just like a chest, and then close the menu to sell them.

All fish have a standard price based on their rarity:

You can also gamble a bit with the price of your fish! If you choose to weigh your fish using [/fish scales] you choose a level of risk, which either increases or decreases the price of your fish. The higher the risk, the higher the possible reward! This is a fun addition but isn’t required to increase your pyrofishing experience.