The Basics:

Zeta is the currency used by the PyroMining plugin. It is gained by mining.

Server currency can be gained by selling Flux, Gemstones, and Geodes in the /mine shop GUI.

/Mine Menu

/Mine Menu has several sections: Shop, Stats, Journal, Singularity, Geodes, and Remnants.

Shop: Sell PryoMining drops here.

Stats: Click to view your statistics.

Journal: A short in-game wiki. (This page is much more detailed)

Singularity: Here, you can improve 5 upgrades that provide perks, such as improved drop changes and cheaper upgrades.

Geodes: Artifacts that drop from ores. Open this menu to identify Geodes and Fossils.

Remnants: PyroMining's version of custom enchants that can only be added to pickaxes.


Singularities are upgrades that make certain things within the plugin easier. These include:

Requiem Progress: This upgrade give more Requiem XP for every Thrall that you kill.

Thralls are silverfish that spawn every two minutes as you mine if you have a Requiem orb equipped; killing them furthers the identification progress inside the Remnants menu. See the Remnants section for more information.

Rune Drop Chance: This upgrade gives a higher drop chance for Runes from Rune Guardians

Runes are needed to level up Singularities. See below for more info.

Oracle Damage: This upgrade reduces damage taken from Oracles and their attacks.

See the Oracle section for more information

Cheaper Upgrades: This upgrade makes all upgrades cheaper. This includes those in the Geodes menu.

More Zeta: This upgrade gives you more Zeta from all sources.


Geodes drop from breaking ores with a (default) .8% chance. They drop various loot, including ores and Fossils. Read more about Fossils in its respective section.

There are 9 rarity tiers. Here is the information for each tier:


    • Drop chance: 42%

    • Identify time: 20 min

    • Sell price: 50

    • Fossil chance: 1%


    • Drop chance: 21%

    • Identify time: 40 min

    • Sell price: 80

    • Fossil chance: 4%


    • Drop chance: 14%

    • Identify time: 60 min

    • Sell price: 150

    • Fossil chance: 37%


    • Drop chance: 10%

    • Identify time: 90 min

    • Sell price: 300

    • Fossil chance: 55%


    • Drop chance: 6%

    • Identify time: 120 min

    • Sell price: 400

    • Fossil chance: 14%

This fossil chance is out of order, but it's an error on the side of the plugin author. There's no way for us to fix it.


    • Drop chance: 4%

    • Identify time: 160 min

    • Sell price: 500

    • Fossil chance: 72%


    • Drop chance: 2.4%

    • Identify time: 200 min

    • Sell price: 600

    • Fossil chance: 79%


    • Drop chance: 0.5%

    • Identify time: 240 min

    • Sell price: 750

    • Fossil chance: 81%


    • Drop chance: 0.1%

    • Identify time: 280 min

    • Sell price: 1000

    • Fossil chance: 87%


Refineries are made by placing a dropper face up and a fence post on top of it. Refineries are used to process mysterious dust, and combine fossil pieces.


Remnants are permanent stat boosts to your pickaxe. They're crafted by combining all 8 pieces of a specific fossil type in your refinery, and then interacting with the fence post on top. After right clicking the remnant onto your pickaxe, you must kill 3 bosses to activate it. After doing this, thralls will appear while you mine. These can be used to discover which 3 requiem orbs will activate the bosses correctly. More information can be found in /remnants. Remember to open geodes to obtain requiem orbs!

Rune Guardians

Rune guardians are spawned by right clicking on a redstone ore block with at least two pieces of rune dust in your hand. These mini bosses have 200 health, and each one comes with a special ability in order to try and damage players. These mini bosses must be spawned in the towny world. This is because there are no hostile mobs in the resource world.

Rune dust is obtained by placing mysterious dust in a refinery and clicking on the fence post. Mysterious dust can be found in geodes, or found randomly when mining ore.