Spawn eggs and Spawners

Obtaining Spawn Eggs

There are two ways to obtain spawn eggs on Prismacraft! The first is by using the Collector enchant, a rare custom enchant that gives a small chance of obtaining a spawn egg when killing a mob. The second is by getting them from Rare or Legendary crates. For example, in the September 2022 Legendary crates there's a chance to obtain Allay spawn eggs. This selection was made as the server had recently updated to 1.19, future spawn eggs in crates will be based on community demand and other changes and updates. 

This image shows an example of a player's sword with the collector enchant, the enchant doesn't conflict with any other enchants, but can be the only special or "red" enchant on the item. 

Obtaining Spawners

Spawners can be obtained from the legendary and rare crates, but may not be in the loot table every month. These spawners may be special spawners, such as the iron golem spawners in the August 2022 legendary crate. Spawners can also be obtained by mining any spawner in the resource worlds using a pickaxe with the silk touch enchant. 

Customizing Spawners

Spawners obtained from crates or the resource world can be customized using spawn eggs. First place the spawner, then, right click on the spawner with a spawn egg. The game should display a message saying you converted the spawner, and it should spawn the mob type used. There are certain spawners that cannot be obtained using spawn eggs, and spawn eggs that cannot be obtained. 

Why are some spawners and spawn eggs unobtainable?

Spawn eggs may be unobtainable due to their absence in vanilla Minecraft, exploits, or generally being unfit in Prismacraft's economy!

Which spawners and eggs cannot be obtained?