Level up your skills by doing certain actions per skill such as breaking specific blocks, harvesting crops or even just by exploring!!
See the two sections below for more information about skills and stats!

All players have access to levelling up 9 skills which are listed below. All skills can be levelled up to level 100 and levelling them up increases stats and unlocks effects related to that skill. Do /skill or /stats to open the GUI with all the information in game.

Also - do /skills top in game to show the top 10 people who have the highest total skill levels in the server and /skills rank (skill name) to see the top 10 people who have the highest level in that specific skill in the server!





Breaking blocks like stone or deepslate and gathering ores

Killing mobs

Enchanting items

Harvesting Crops





Chopping down trees


Brewing potions

Taking damage




Exploration like moving and falling

Trading with villagers

Digging blocks such as dirt and sand

Placing blocks

Within EcoSkills you have 11 total stats that you can improve through level ups within the skills themselves. 

By hovering over your player head in the GUI menu of /skill or /stats you can see the list of skills with their respective levels and under these you can see your total and average skill level.

By clicking on your player head in the GUI you will open up another page with the individual current stats information. 

By clicking on a skill in the GUI you will open up a skill tree that will give you info on current and future level ups within that skill.