We have multiple worlds to fulfil different needs/requirements for all players!


When you join PrismaCraft you will arrive in the spawn world which you can access again with the command /spawn.

We add stuff to the spawn regularly and you can also find community chests around to add stuff for new players to have or take if you have just joined and need a helping hand! Spawn is also where you will find event crates and tutorial information!

There is so much to see here via the commands below

/warp ah

You can do /ah anywhere to access the Auction House or you can come and visit it in the spawn world! This is a player market for anyone to quickly sell stuff instead of setting up a shop. Just hold the item you want to sell and do /ah with the price you want to sell it for and then it will be available there for players to see and buy!

/warp blackmarket

The Black Market is somewhere that players can come to exchange a range of block types, minerals, and in-game tokens/keys for other stuff!

Need concrete blocks but only have the powder? Just pop down here with the powder blocks and buckets of water and the villager will exchange them for concrete blocks!

There is so much to exchange here that you really need to head down to look at the amazing options yourself!

/warp crates

This is the area where you can come and exchange keys for fun random prizes!!

By doing /vote in-game you will get a list of links that will take you to voting sites! By voting on these sites for PrismaCraft you will get a vote crate key per site - which you can do every day! You then come to this crate to use your keys and get some cool rewards!

You also can do /voteshop which shows you points that you can earn with voting too! These are also redeemable with special keys!

This crate has a bunch more rewards to get that are a little better than the vote crate! You can get rare keys in a variety of different ways in-game.

  • You can potentially win one in the vote crate

  • You can redeem vote points /voteshop to get them

  • You can save up and exchange vote keys at /warp blackmarket

  • You can buy rare keys from other players that wish to sell them

  • Also if you refer a friend to the server get them to do /referral (their name) and you will get a key through this too!

This crate has a ton of amazing stuff in like monthly special tools/armor and other higher-value items/tokens. There are a few different ways you can get Legendary keys.

  • You can potentially win one in the rare crate

  • You can redeem vote points /voteshop to get them

  • You can save up and exchange rare keys at /warp blackmarket

  • You can buy Legendary keys from other players that wish to sell them

  • You can also go to our store page and purchase some for yourself or even for all the online players!!

This crate has a bunch of enchanted books that you cannot get through enchanting or trading with villagers. It might have completely new enchants or higher leveled ones then able to get in-game! There are a few different ways you can get book keys.

  • You can potentially win one in the vote crate, rare crate, and legendary crate!!

  • You can redeem vote points /voteshop to get them

  • You can buy book keys from other players that wish to sell them

  • You can also go to our store page and purchase some for yourself there!

This crate is to get the Mystery Box rewards that you earn in-game during your time playing online! These are playtime-based rewards that get redeemed here for all things cosmetic or pets!

Click the link below to learn more about this crate and the cosmetics/pets you can unlock!!

/warp halloffame

The Hall of Fame is a place where you can see milestone achievements made by players in different fields of Minecraft. You yourself could one day be someone put in the Hall of Fame!

/warp jerry

This is Jerry. He is based at /warp blackmarket but has his own warp too if you just want to visit him. He is very generous and will give you some free money every day! Worth giving him a visit

/warp kits

This is a warp where you can interact with the different characters to redeem your kits that you get depending on your rank!
You can also do /kits to see them away from this warp and /kit (kit name) to redeem them elsewhere too!
Click the ranks link to see when you earn each kit and the rewards link to see what is in each kit!

Ranks | Rewards

/warp portals

This is a hub for you to access some of the other worlds! You can access the main overworld, the resource world, and the resource nether world too! Further down the page is more information about these different worlds.

Above is the Resource world which can be accessed elsewhere by the command /resource

Above is the Nether resource world which can be accessed elsewhere by the command /resourcenether

Above is the Towny Overworld which can be accessed elsewhere by the command /wild or /rtp if you are already in the overworld - if not just head back to /portals to go through this one again to access it

/warp pvp

This is a warp for players that wish to challenge and fight other players! There are three different portals here that take you to different style arenas to battle out with the other player(s) you wish to fight against! For more info click on this link - PVP

/warp rules

If you are not sure about the rules you can head down to this warp to refresh yourself on them in-game!
Click the rules link below to find them on our website


/warp shop

This is where the server shop is based however you can also access it by doing /shop anywhere else on the server. Here you can buy and sell stuff with the server shop so it's handy if you need to quick sell/buy. The command /sellall will sell everything you have in your inventory to this.

/warp staff

If you want to find out the current staff list for the server you can head to this warp which will give you their character and staff rank! You can also do /helpop (message) which will broadcast to all staff online on the server that you need assistance! We also have our ranks and information clear on the Discord, too, should you need to talk to one of us!

/warp stats

Here we have the information for you to see the stats on the server. Some like /Jobs Gtop /MCtop show all players stats and then /Jobs stats /MCstats show your specific stats or indeed another player's ones! For more information on MCMMO or Jobs click one of the links below!

MCMMO | Jobs

Main World (40,000x40,000)

The main world is where all players build their homes and make their bases. This is accessible through the portal at /warp portals or using /wild which will rtp you to a location. We prefer that players don't use this world to gather their resources as it means that we can try to preserve the world for much longer without the need to reset! You can of course do whatever you need/want to your own base areas/farm areas but pleases use resource worlds for general strip mining/mass deforestation etc. You can build your own or access other nether/end portals here that will take you to the non-resource versions of each world.

This is the world where the towny plugin is used and where hostile mobs will spawn!! For more information about towny and how it works please click on this link - Towny

Resource Worlds

The resource worlds are a place for you to grind and gather materials! We have /resource | /resourcenether | /resourceend and all of these are reset on or around the first of each month. These are the places to go if you need a lot of stuff or just want to head out to strip mine or safely explore.

/resource has no hostile mob spawns - although you will occasionally see a drowned, that cannot be helped. You will still get non-hostile mobs to spawn here, but when it turns night time you will be safe roaming around.

/resourcenether and /resourceend both have hostile mobs and non-hostile mobs

As the resource worlds reset every month you must make sure that you don't accidentally build in these worlds as all builds get removed with those resets. You can always check the world you are in by pressing F3. You will however still encounter player builds in these areas for various reasons and these are also protected by the rules which you can read by clicking the following link - Rules

Map Art World

In /spawn there is a secret portal that will take you to our map art building world. You can of course build them in the main world but the great thing about using the map art world is it's completely flat and has plenty of room!

Here is a screenshot of the portal entrance so if you decide you want to make any map arts then have a look around spawn for this!!